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What is MTSE?

Motion Talent Search Examination is a unique way in itself to pool the most talented students of country and groom them to pave the way to success. It is conducted in three rounds where scrutnization of students is done on the basis of their merit purely.

It started in the year 2011-12 where 52732 students appeared and in last year (2014-2015) 126256 students appeared for the first round of MTSE, of which 12603 students were screened for the Round-2 and for Round-3 ,168 students across the nation were scrutinized.

The Winner Sourav Yadav  was awarded with 1 Lac rupees and prizes & scholarships worth Rs 7 Crore were distributed.


Our Aim


The main aim to conduct this exam is to nurture the young minds and make them ready to fight in the competitive world.

Motion offers exciting scholarships and prizes worth Rs 1Crore to foster the enthusiasm of the students willing to outshine in the competitive tests like JEE


Benefits for the students:


MTSE provides the students with an exposure of how the competitive exams are held. It gives a brief idea about the level of papers and the amount of efforts required to excel in the competition.

It gives students a fair platform to showcase their talent and win exciting prizes and also bag scholarships to fund the test preparation for JEE.